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Hi Everyone, My name is Chedonio Martin. I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida but I reside around the Sioux Falls area of South Dakota. I have created a skill development program for athletes of all ages who are serious about the sport of basketball. If you would like to learn more about my experience, click the button above. 


Do you have a 4th – 7th grader who wants to get ahead of their class? We train the youth is a unique opportunity for our youth athletes to begin their skill training young. What makes this opportunity unique is that most program don’t have development opportunities for the youth. I believe starting skill training at a young age puts our athletes at an advantage come time to compete. 

To sign up, purchase our youth training package under services. We will be in touch ASAP. 

Importance of Skill Development Training

If you are a parent looking to give your kids the best opportunity to be successful in their dreams or an athlete looking to achieve personal goals you have for upcoming seasons, you are in the right place. The sad truth is that not many people know what skill development programs are and how important it is for not only the growth in performance but your ability to be an asset on the court. When you are watching professional athletes play in their games and you think to yourself how good they are does it ever cross your mind that they all spend the money to become the best. Every athlete competing at a high level has dedicated time into skill development training. When being apart of a skill development training there are eight categories we focus on.

The eight categories are Ball Handling & Dribbling, Footwork & Body Control, Passing & Receiving, Rebounding, Screening, Shooting, Team Defensive Concepts & Team Offensive Concepts. With consistent training on these categories athletes will be able to make an impact on any team they play for. As I speak with multiple parents and athletes about skill training a common response I get is that they are already playing basketball for other teams, referring to Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) programs. Another common response is that they play on their middle school or high school team.Most AAU programs are specifically designed to play travel basketball. Developing your skills are not always their main focus.

This also applies to playing for middle or high school basketball team.These programs are designed to teach team basketball and expose you to higher level coaches. Skill development training, on the other hand, is specifically designed to work on your individual skills.



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Our mentorship program is an awesome way to connect with our athletes off of the court. There is more to life than basketball, so being able teach both is what we strive for. 


Personal evaluations are a great tool we use to determine what skills our clients have improved in, and what still needs training.