1 Day Training Sessions

1 Day Basketball Training

Our one day basketball training sessions are great for athletes who want to experience a skill development session. Each session consist of ball control & dribbling, shooting & finishing, and team basketball. Athletes can utilize this option when they do not have enough time to make it to every workout. This option is good for athletes in season who would like to get some training in. Athletes who have jobs but want to come to training can purchase a session when they can make it.

Lastly, athletes who aren’t completely ready to commit to the program but love to train from time to time. There are a numerous amount of reasons why this is a great option for athletes. With that being said, due to the inconsistency with training, progression may be slow. If you are dedicated to getting better we recommend one of membership packages. 

Training with Former WMBA player Rachel.
Training with skilled guard Flores

Price - $100 Per Session