Introducing Chedonio Martin: His Vision, Experience, and Achievements

Introducting Chedonio Martin

Hi, my name is Chedonio Martin. I am the owner of Martin Basketball Association located in South Dakota. This program was created to give athletes of all ages something I did not have at a young age. As I played in my last college game, it was a season I will never forget. Following the end of that season opportunities began surfacing but I chose to step away from college basketball.  

I began playing on a showcase team made up of professional and college players located in Minnesota. As I competed with these athletes I gained a passion for wanting to teach younger athletes with the same goals. The athletes who are willing to do what’s necessary to be the best version of themselves. As I pursued my basketball dream being overlooked was something I got used to. I believe that taught me the greatest lesson in life.

I say that because with all of the adversity I kept working and never gave up. Training everyday became a daily routine because I had something to prove to college coaches. 


Chedonio Martin's vision

A vision I have is to see every athlete leaving this program better then they came into it. With consistent training and knowledge being taught, I believe scholarships chances are high. I vision myself at signing days supporting and congratulating these athletes. As they go off to college they are always welcome to come back and train. They will also be encouraged to talk to the younger athletes who are training to have the same opportunities. As we can always learn something new. 

Another vision of mine that will happen with time and patience is to open MBA’s very own training facility. This facility will have everything an athlete need to ensure they have the best opportunity to stay healthy and skilled. The facility will have basketball courts, a weight room, a multipurpose room, and a study hall. The multipurpose room will be used for activities such as yoga, ice baths, and deep stretches. With this program my plan is to partner with local businesses who could offer useful services to my clients. These services will benefit my clients due to increased body mobility, and body health. 

The last vision I have is to create an MBA AAU travel team. The reason is because I would like to give everyone an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of college coaches. This AAU program will specifically target tournaments with college exposure. This will be very beneficial for athletes who want offers. 

Senior Guard Chedonio Martin setting up the offense.

Chedonio Martin's Achievements

Years 2012 – 2016 I played for Dunedin High School located in Dunedin Florida. I made varsity as a freshmen and soon after, I became team captain. I was voted Tampa Bay Hot Shot of the week by the public. This award was given to the athlete who was playing the best basketball throughout the whole city in a week span. Shortly after, I cracked top 5 in the state of Florida for points per game, averaging 28 points a night. 

Chedonio Martin Sophomore year making a contested three pointer

Years 2016 – 2018 I played for Northland Community Technical College located in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Behind some of the Sophomores on the team, I was 6 man off the bench starting the season. I eventually worked my way into the starting lineup. In my 2 years of playing for this team, I won 2nd team all – defense ( 2017 ), 1st team all – defense (2018 ) , All – Division (2017, 2018),. After the season ended I had offers and overseas interest.