Evaluation gives us an opportunity to see what skills our clients have improved in. We have found that the most effective way to conduct personal evaluations is to watch them play in live games. This gives us a better understanding of what needs to be worked on. During our evaluations, we are tracking individual statistics across the board. Mistakes that are made during the games are also tracked so that we are able to talk about them after the games.

We understand mistakes are going to be made but, if we can talk about better ways to handle certain situations, I believe we can correct a lot of unnecessary mistakes or turnovers. After each game ends, we discuss everything we have noticed good and bad. We also discuss things we can do during trainings that will help fix those issues. 

Training Evaluations

At some point during the beginning of your start with Martin Basketball Association, you will be put through numerous drills. In each drill, we will be tracking your performance. After half a year of training with us, we will do another performance check. What this does is gives us an opportunity to see what areas you have gotten better in. After the workout is completed we will go over the results together. 

This is a great tactic for athletes coming into our program who are not sure what they need training on. After their evaluations, we will be able to create skill development workouts that are specifically designed to meet their training needs.