Being part of Martin Basketball Association is more than just showing up to a gym and training. We like to be involved in not only our athletes basketball training experience, but in their development outside of the gym. I believe that is one of the many things we offer that makes us stand out against our competitors. Building confidence in athletes is not all about putting them through workouts. Being able to understand where they come from and how they were raised plays a huge part into understanding why things are done they way they are. 

Our mentorship program gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with our clients, and not just on the basketball court. We are involved in how they are performing in school, as well. Before each school year, we come up with academic goals as well as season goals. Upon completing these goals the athletes get rewards. 

The academic goals that we assign are usually to get a higher grade point average (GPA) than the previous year, and win an academic award of some sort. Following the completion of their academic and season goals, they will be rewarded with a prize to show how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. As their coach and mentor, the first thing they will learn is that they are always welcome to text or call with any questions they may have. If they are dealing with something inside or outside of the court, I am always a call or text away. 


Supporting athletes who put their faith in our program is something that is a priority to us. We make it our mission every season to make it to as many of their games as possible. The reason we do this is not only because we care, but because we understand that parents are not always going to be able to make it. We take it upon ourselves to make it to as many as we can to show our support for the athlete. Another thing we do to show our appreciation is donating to their team fundraisers.